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Essae JX-1000 Jewellery Weighing Scale

New PREORDER Essae JX-1000 Jewellery Weighing Scale

JX Series Jewellery Weighing Balance

A precise jewellery balance that is accurate is crucial when dealing in gold and other precious metals. With particular features and units that are exclusive to the jewellery weighing business, the Essae Tearoka JX Series Jewellery scale ensures the most precise weighing results and is suitably suitable for the weighments of Gold Jewellery, precious stones, and metals. The Essae Tearoka JX series is powered by an AC adapter or an internal lithium ion battery and is ergonomically designed, lightweight, and simple to use, maximising productivity. Information can be collected and transmitted quickly to printers and computers using an optional RS-232. A special Jewellery label tag printout is also supported by the Essae Tearoka JX series, along with 3 standard and 2 bespoke print formats. It offers overload and low battery indicators.

          Results are shown on the chic Dark Violet LCD in 13mm numbers on a White background for better visibility. The stated feature is further enhanced by the straightforward, 5-key Polyester Tactile key operation, streamlined design, and durable Housing. Essae Tearoka JX Series combines a blend of durability, performance, and elegance in a space-saving, traditional precision balance.


Model number





Max. weighing capacity

320 g

320 g

620 g

1000 g






Platter Size

126 mm Dia

Draft Shield

Optional accessory

Power Supply-AC/DC Adaptor

230 V AC, 50 Hz. (Adaptor)

Power Consumption

11 W

Physical Dimension

174.6 (W) x 238 (D) x 61.2 (H)

Display Type

Dark violet LCD with while back light

Display Digit & Size

7 Digits & 13mm Height

Key sheet

Number of Keys - 5

Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery

7.4 V/2.2 Ah Lithium Ion battery

Serial printing (Optional)

3 standard & 2 custom print formats


Salient Features :

·         Dark violet LCD with white back light

·         Lithium Ion

·         Jewellery label tag (Optional)

·         Multiple Weighing Units

Grams (default), Carat, Tola, Ounce

Capacity / Accuracy
Max. Capacity 620g, 1000g
Accuracy (e) 10mg (0.01g)
Plate Size 126 Dia. mm
Product Dimantion
Length x Width x Height (cm) 17.4 x 23.8 6.1 cm
Weight (Kg) 2.90 Kg
Information in Detail
Body Type ABS (Plastic)
Top Plate Type Stainless Steel
Power Supply Wire Adapter 13v.
Battery 7.4 V / 2.2 Ah Lithium-ion battery
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