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Essae DS-852G Jewellery Weighing Scale

PREORDER Essae DS-852G Jewellery Weighing Scale

The balance used to weigh jewellery is the finest and best available. The Essae DS-852G Jewellery Weighing Balance Machine (Model) is dependable, attractively constructed, and accurate. It's the perfect option for gold jewellery retailers and wholesalers, financial institutions, pawn brokers, assayers, and goldsmiths. The DS-852G Jewellery weighing Scale is the perfect option for gold weighing in the jewellery industry and anywhere else high precision weighing is required. It comes equipped with a high accuracy Load Cell and Bright Green VFD Display. Easy connectivity to computer systems is made possible through an optional RS-232 port.

if you are looking for a trustworthy and precise gold weighing scale for the jewellery industry? The ideal choice is the Essae DS-852 Jewellery Weighing Scale. With a 600g capacity range and 10mg (0.01g) accuracy, this flexible scale is excellent for weighing many kinds of jewellery. It offers accuracy of up to 0.01 grammes thanks to its high precision sensors. The stainless steel pan provides durability and lifespan, and the huge VFD display makes it simple to read even in dim lighting. This scale also offers a number of helpful features, including a tare weight feature, automatic calibration, an overload prevention system, and more. Additionally, a one-year warranty is included. Essae DS-852 is, all things considered, a fantastic purchase for anyone searching for a dependable and economical choice when it comes to gold weighing in the jewellery sector.


Max. Capacity



10mg (0.01g)

Plate Size

126 Dia. mm (Stainless Steel)

Power supply

230V AC, 50Hz (Adaptor)

Power consumption


Physical dimension

304(L) x 295(D) x 115(H) mm. ±0.5mm

Display type

Green Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)

Display digit

6 Digits

Display size

13 mm

Number of keys

5 Keys

Battery charger


Dual display



6V / 4Ah (Optional)

Capacity / Accuracy
Max. Capacity 600g
Accuracy (e) 10mg (0.01g)
Plate Size 126 Dia. mm
Product Dimantion
Length x Width x Height (cm) 30.4 x 29.5 x 11.5 cm
Weight (Kg) 2.90 Kg
Information in Detail
Body Type ABS (Plastic)
Top Plate Type Stainless Steel
Power Supply Wire Adapter 13v.
Battery Optional
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